Taking Flight — Amal Academy

Amal Academy - This name brings up so many memories of the beautiful journey that started from 20 March 2021 and is almost on its end. Looking back, it feels like yesterday when it all just began, time flew by so fast it’s almost unreal. So much to learn, in just a small span of three months, I can surely say these were some of the most productive months of my life up till now.

Batch-188 ❤

I still remember how most of us fellows used to be quiet and shy and how with time, Amal gradually helped us become more confident, more thoughtful, more optimistic and a surely a better version of ourselves. The sessions were designed to be so interactive, engaging and interesting specially the breakout room activities that it didn’t take us long to bond with each other and this bond continued to flourish, even outside the live sessions.

And it was due to this bond that the last session went very emotional. It was a bittersweet moment to see wide smiles mixed with tears on our screens. It made me realize that it wasn’t just me who had gotten so attached to all these people that I had met merely a few months ago. I’m glad the last session was only about talking and connecting with each other as this was very important to bring smiles on the sad faces. The scavenger hunt was a fun activity that enabled us to interact with everyone and show teamwork skills. Along with this our facilitators had some surprises and games planned for us which made the last session even more memorable. And the most fun part was discovering that one of our fellows is a great singer which we were unaware of for so long.

All these activities made me realize that sometimes it becomes important to just stop whatever you are doing and take out time to connect with people and do anything that suits you in emotionally uplifting yourself. This eventually contributes to peace of mind- something that everybody requires and lacks these days.

I wish to remain connected with this beautiful family that Amal academy has given me for as long as possible. And I’ll do this by checking on my fellows every now and then and planning hangouts. This can be done more frequently as most of the fellows are from the same institution. And even if meeting is not possible, social media has brought everyone more closer and has made everyone just a single tap away.

Though this is the end of a beautiful journey, but the beginning of another one. Amal has taught me many aspects of life other than the professional grooming aspect and now is the time to apply whatever I have learned from the fellowship. Since I am a third year student, resume building, cover letter writing , mock interviews are just some of the things that are immediately going to help me in my career. Besides this, the Passenger series, Finding your ‘why’ , Teamwork skills are some things that will help me in the long term as these kind of soft skills are very important for a successful career.

In the end I would just like to say:

Thank you Amal Academy, for giving me such a great opportunity to learn so much and meet these amazing fellows.